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Biden, Harris take a number of hits from other candidates during second debate

(KWWL) – In Detroit, on the second night of debates for the Democrats, the crowd interrupted the candidates on a number of occasions. It seemed like nearly every candidate took some sort of shot at not only President Trump but former Vice President Joe Biden as well.

“Go easy on me, kid,” said Biden to Senator Kamala Harris as they first took the stage. The two were the most anticipated battle of the night but also the first.

“In 2019, in America, for a Democrat to be running for president with a plan that doesn’t cover everyone I think is without excuse,” said Harris.

The former VP saw a number of attacks from his competitors and found a new battle with Senator Cory Booker who blamed Biden for what Booker calls a criminal justice crisis.

The two went back and forth defending their records.

The topic then moved on to other candidates, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who fielded a question on controversial actions of an NYPD officer and shifting it to the justice department.

“If I was mayor, I would fire him,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand following de Blasio’s response.

Race fueled a similar discussion between Biden and Harris compared to what they discussed in June. Others like Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard questioned Harris on her time as an attorney general in California.

“The people who suffered under your reign as a prosecutor, you owe them an apology,” said Gabbard.

Many candidates mentioned the president when discussing race.

“The president is a racist,” said former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro in a blunt statement.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee took on Biden regarding climate change, calling for bolder measures for clean energy.

However, the obvious consensus among the candidates was defeating President Trump in 2020.

“If we change the measurements of the 21st-century economy to revolve around our own well-being, then we will win this election,” said Andrew Yang.

The next debate will be held in Texas on September 12th and 13th.

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