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Grasshoppers in Vegas

Radars can be quite nifty. They obviously give us very accurate information on the location and intensity of storms but there are other things that can “bug” the radar from time to time. For example, recently the radar in Las Vegas picked up on a swarm of Grasshoppers. Yes, you read that right: grasshoppers. See below:

If you think that it would take a lot of grasshoppers to show up on radar like that, you would be absolutely correct.

Even though the grasshoppers are just migrating through, they are attracted to UV light – which there is a lot of in Vegas. There were so many grasshoppers that not only was it gross to be outside but also somewhat dangerous? Here is my personal favorite tweet from the whole ordeal:

In our area, the radar doesn’t pick up grasshoppers to this extent but we do frequently capture mayfly hatches from the mississippi river.

Sometimes birds leaving the nest early in the morning will be picked up by radar. These are called roost rings.

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