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Ride and Drive happening Saturday; honors Evansdale murder victims Lyric and Elizabeth

EVANSDALE, Iowa (KWWL) – This Saturday, July 13, marks seven years since the disappearance of Lyric Cook-Morrisey and Elizabeth Collins.

The two cousins were kidnapped back in 2012. They were last seen riding their bikes at Meyers Lake in Evansdale. Nearly five months later, a group of hunters found their bodies in Bremer County. 


Every year, to keep their memory alive, the girls’ families have a memorial ride and drive.

Bikers, drivers and people in the community are invited to join. They will be making five stops in the area.

Organizers said this is more than just a ride, though. They’re honoring Lyric and Elizabeth – two lives gone too soon. They’re also raising awareness – reminding parents to talk with their children. They hope to prevent this tragedy from happening again.

“You know as sad as it is, [parents] may look at their child, and go, ‘These are the two little girls that were kidnapped and murdered in Evansdale. This is why you shouldn’t take off by yourself or talk to strangers,'” Rodger Day said.

Day’s sister, Michelle, was murdered in their downtown Waterloo apartment in 1974. She was just two years old. Since then, he has become close friends with the Collins family and helps organize the ride every year.

Another close friend of the Collins family, Shawn Murphy, reminds everyone in the community Lyric and Elizabeth’s case is not over. They will not stop fighting until they find the person or people who murdered the girls.

“We’re always, always going to be looking until that killer is brought to justice. Killer or killers. Until they’re brought to justice, I will not ever stop, and I know the police will never ever stop,” Murphy said.

On Saturday, when you everyone riding with their pink and grey t-shirts, organizers hope you stop and think of Lyric and Elizabeth.


The ride costs $20 per person. Half of the proceeds go to Angels Park Memorial, which was created in September of 2018 to honor Lyric and Elizabeth and other local victims of violent crimes. The other half goes to the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers. But more specifically, the unit that makes sure sexual offenders follow the law.

Last year, organizers told KWWL they raised $18,000. They’re hoping to see even more people this year.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. at Lofty’s in Evansdale. There will be a short program with speakers. Then, the ride will start at 11 and last about four hours.

They’ll be making stops at Getaway Bar in La Porte City, Chelle’s in Dysart, Spanky’s in Gladbrook and Federal Pub in Hudson, before riding back to Lofty’s.

For more information about the ride, visit the event’s page:

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