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Waterloo Fires Waste Management Services Superintendent, Steve Hoambrecker

Citing several violations of city policies, the City of Waterloo has fired Steve Hoambrecker, the City’s Waste Management Services Superintendent for the past two years.

In a lengthy termination letter to Hoambrecker dated June 21, and emailed to KWWL News, Human Resources Director, Lance Dunn, listed numerous alleged violations of city policies by Hoambrecker.

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier journalist, Tim Jamison, first reported Hoambrecker’s firing Wednesday. KWWL News independently confirmed the firing through several sources Wednesday evening.

Steve Hoambrecker’s termination letter cites an April 4, 2019, Department Head meeting, in which the City says Hoambrecker distributed a newsletter, which was titled, “The Shit Storm.” Dunn’s termination letter called the Newsletter offensive and degrading to staff, and unprofessional.

Dunn said the Newsletter created an offensive working environment and violated City Policies. That, Dunn wrote, “is grounds for termination.”

The termination letter also mentions two different meetings, in which Hoambrecker allegedly threatened to defame the City of Waterloo, if his retirement was not structured the way Hoambrecker wanted it to be.

Dunn’s letter says Hoambrecker threatened to make it hard on Mayor Quentin Hart, City Supervisor, Randy Bennett, future employees and Hoambrecker’s eventual ‘replacement.’

Human Resources Director Dunn wrote, “Steve, this type of behavior is unacceptable by a Department Head in any capacity. Your threats to defame the city and purposely make it hard for the Mayor, Supervisor and future employees is disrespectful and unprofessional and are grounds for termination.

In the termination letter, Dunn writes, “You are not to be in contact with any employees regarding this matter and you are not to be on the Waste Management property.”

Read the complete termination letter here.   6-21-2019-Steve-Hoambrecker-1Termination-Letter







Ron Steele

Evening Anchor

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