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Emergency rooms see uptick in visits in Summer months

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) — Emergency rooms across the country consider Summer time to be trauma season as more people, especially children, are spending more time outdoors.

ER nurse for MercyOne Dubuque, Donna Kluesner says over her 40 years of working in hospital emergency rooms she has seen hundreds of people rushed in for heat illnesses and other Summer activity related injuries.

She says the most common reason people are rushed in is for heat exhaustion as many people forget to stay hydrated and do not take enough breaks to cool down. Kluesner says while it is most common for people to get heat sick from being outside, there is also a risk of heat sickness inside your home as well.

“Sometimes people in their homes they don’t have the air conditioning running cause they want to conserve energy they don’t wanna pay so much and so some people get overheated that way,” Kluesner explains. “People don’t realize it and they get real drowsy and don’t realize it.”

The ER nurse says heat exhaustion is not the only common emergency her ER sees in the Summer months. She says as more people light off fireworks more risk for injury comes with it.

“We see a lot of firework injuries particularly this time of year and people think ‘oh its safe I have the firecracker in the bottle it won’t hurt anything its just going to shoot off its going to be fine’ well they shoot off and they’re fine, but then it goes over into a crowd of people,” she says. “Already we’ve seen some firework injuries, firecracker injuries, hand injuries things like that.”

Kluesner says campfire injuries are also common during the Summer months.

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children in the U.S. Kluesner says drowning is common in North East Iowa due to all the bodies of water including the Mississippi River.

Cori Hanna

Today in Iowa reporter

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