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City leaders and residents want “eyesore” of an old hotel cleaned up

CORALVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) – Coralville’s head building inspector and many people in the area are trying to expedite the cleanup of an old hotel.

“I think the person that bought it should do something about it, because it is kind of an eyesore,” Coralville resident of 60 years Butch Snyder said.

The Capri Lodge burned down in November, 2018, with fire officials unable to determine the cause because of extensive damage. The property owner is now communicating with the city about a next step for the lot, but they aren’t making much headway.

“It puts a bad light on us,” Building and Zoning Official Jim Kessler said. “We’ve nudged them and will again soon. The next step is to get in contact with the city attorney.”

Investigators also found asbestos in the hotel, which delayed any possible demolition of the structure. But Kessler doesn’t think that should stop the owner from cleaning up trash throughout the lot.

The property is managed by The Governor Group, based out of Coralville, with the individual property being owned by one Adam Brantman.

Brantman declined an interview with KWWL Monday but did say, “We’re working on a plan that meets our vision, as well as the city’s, hopefully we’ll get one soon.”

Brantman added the inaction is due to he and the city’s disagreement of how best to rezone the land for future use. He wants it fully-commercial and he says the city is hoping for a mixed-use development.

He added that the city is trying to move a bank into the land next, but he’s skeptical that they’ll have any success.


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