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Man steals ice cream truck in Oklahoma, doesn’t eat treats inside

Oklahoma police faced a sweet mystery after someone stole an ice cream truck from a Walmart parking lot.

Surveillance video shows a man walking around where the delivery truck is parked. He goes out of frame, and then you can see him driving the truck away from the parking lot. The truck was eventually found with nothing stolen from it.

Officers say the man probably wasn’t looking for some cold treats.

They say, “It looks like somebody just needed a ride and didn’t want to walk. With all the property still inside of it, and it not being torn up or vandalized in any way. Is appears that probably was the motive.”

Even though the vehicle was found unharmed, stealing is a felony in Oklahoma. And even though the ice cream was left untouched, Blue Bell says they still threw it all away.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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