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Rep Ryan talks education, ‘rural agenda’

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – Ohio Representative and Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan stopped in Waterloo today.

Recently, Representative Ryan released his plan to incorporate a counselor in every public school.

The Ohio congressman told our crew that he wants to focus on trauma-informed care.

“Make sure we’re taking care of the kids first, and worry about the tests later. It turns out if we worry about the kids, then the test scores end up going up. So this is transformative as its reversing the order, taking care of the teachers, taking care of the kids,” said Ryan.

In last week’s Democratic debate, Ryan advocated for a change in the perception of the Democratic Party, hoping to shift it’s focus to the working class and rural America.

“Having a real rural agenda, which I have, to go into these rural communities and make sure these farmers are making money by sequestering carbon, helping farmers convert over to regenerative agriculture so that we can build more resiliency into the soil,” said Ryan.

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Taylor Vessel

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