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Pilot describes his flight experience before Dubuque Airshow

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – Thousands of people will be gathering to enjoy the 34th annual airshow in Dubuque. But before the festivities, one pilot describes his experiences from above.

Paul Hornick is a pilot who will be flying with the Phillip 66 Aerostars. He said that the rush he experiences while flying is incredible.

“They’re certainly not going to enjoy a 10-G pull. Where if you’re 200 pounds you feel like you’re 2000 and then you’re blacking out,” said Hornick. “They prefer a more smoother and more gentle ride. They prefer us not to be quiet so close to the ground and upside down and that thing.”

And while some of the tricks these pilots do may seem bold, Hornick said that the additional practice helps him become a better pilot while flying passenger planes.

“Well it is nice to know that in the event we had some sort of upset with what we do, we would have the best shot at rectifying it and fixing it.”

Some of the aircraft featured in tonight’s show include planes from the Air Force, the National Guard, the Golden Knights and many more.


Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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