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Iowa City officials stress recycling this move-out season

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – Waste managers and recycling coordinators in Iowa City are reminding people to recycle what waste they can as they move out to end this summer.

“One of the unique situations we have is that we’re a ‘university town’. So we do have fluctuations in the amount of waste at certain times of year. One of those big times of year being right now,” Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch said.

To curb the amount of refuse going into the city’s landfill, Wilch and other city employees have been updating their recycling program since 2016. Three years ago, they mandated that all apartment buildings offer recycling for their tenants. A year later, they switched to “single stream” recycling, where residents no longer have to sort their materials.

The apartment building ordinance is not universally enforced, though. The city says it’s “aware that exceptions may be necessary for a small number of properties that cannot comply with the proposed code due to lack of space” on it’s website.

Some buildings also only offer cardboard recycling.

“Just for the waste I have, there’s not a lot of cardboard, most of it is plastic,” Tyler Gates, who lives at The Quarters at Iowa City, said.

Gates says if you really want to make a difference, though, don’t wait for your landlord’s lead; and head to one of the city’s drop off locations.

“It’s all on you to do it,” Gates said.

The city is also having their annual Rummage in the Ramp event starting July 25, where people can drop off and pick up lightly-used items instead of tossing them.


Travis Breese

Reporter, Iowa City

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