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Fireworks outside of city limits still outlawed in Johnson County

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – Several of the biggest cities in Johnson County will continue their strict fireworks laws this Independence Day. Unlike other counties, though, a drive outside of those city limits won’t protect you.

“It’s for the safety of the people putting on the show, as well as the people watching, the spectators,” Johnson County Board of Supervisors Chair Lisa Green-Douglass said.

The supervisors believe they have good reason for the ordinance, after an incident outside of Shueyville a few years ago.

“They decided not to get a permit, they shot off fireworks and injured an infant,” Green-Douglass said. “The infant’s femur broke because the mother had to toss him so he wouldn’t burn.”

Workers at local fireworks shops are still trying to make a living in this ocean of ordinances.

“A lot of people -to me- are hesitant on buying because the laws change from city to city,” Robert Mlejnek of the Iowa Fireworks Company said.

To try and steer people in the right direction, Mlejnek and his partner have been handing out pamphlets to customers with each sale with a website where they can check out the laws in their area.

“We encourage you to follow the laws, and we really want you to be respectful to your neighbors and enjoy fireworks as they were meant to be without breaking any laws,” Mlejnek said.


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