Day: June 30, 2019

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Cedar Rapids
Iowa City
Charles City
Prairie Du Chien
Rainfall totals 11/20-11/21

Rainfall totals 11/20-11/21

Rainfall amounts were between 0.25" to 1.00".

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WATCH LIVE: Russia adviser Fiona Hill testifies in impeachment hearings

Fiona Hill, formerly the top Russia specialist on the National Security Council, testifies in the impeachment hearings

St. John students form a human food chain to give back to local pantry

Every year, the school chooses a service project. In the past, they’ve chosen national organizations. But this fall, the students

Iowa City contractor to conduct hunts to cut deer population

The city hired White Buffalo Inc. to reduce the deer overpopulation.

Group removes dogs, cats from filthy Des Moines home

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says it took 21 dogs and five cats and kittens from the house Tuesday.

Boy suspected of using remote control car to smuggle drugs

A16-year-old boy is suspected of using a remote-controlled car to transport $106,000 worth of methamphetamine across the border.

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