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“We stick together” USS The Sullivan crew visits Waterloo

WATERLOO, Iowa – Sailors from the USS The Sullivans DDG 68 made their way to Waterloo today.

This is the second ship in the Navy to be named after the Five Sullivan Brothers. During a meet-and-greet, the sailors got to see the city and learn about the history behind the name.

For the captain of the ship, he says it’s a privilege to be here. “Being out here in Waterloo, and seeing it firsthand, they were just some tough kids from Iowa, and we have the distinct pleasure to be able to serve on the ship,” Captain Pat Eliason says.

The ship’s motto is “we stick together.”

“They said we’re going to stick together, and we stuck together. It was a tragic ending, but it almost shows how tough and gritty of a group they were, and we try to live up to that all the time,” Eliason says.

For surviving granddaughter, Kelly Sullivan, this is her family’s legacy carried on.

“It feels like all of the holidays rolled into one today. I feel very blessed to be able to bring them here to Waterloo. I think about the five boys and how proud they are to have this namesake ship,” she says.

The meet-and-greet was from 10 to 11 this morning. The crew on the Sullivan ship also visited the John Deere Factory and other community tributes to the brothers. They’re also participating in the Quad Cities Navy Week.


Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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