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Public safety building coming to Cedar Falls mid-July

CEDAR FALLS, Ia (KWWL) — Both the police and fire departments will be rubbing shoulders soon in Cedar Falls, with the grand opening for the new public safety building just around the corner.

Today’s open house was filled with a number of citizens making their way to the brand new public safety building in Cedar Falls.

“Now, they will be housed under one roof both administratively, both from the public safety perspective. The cops, the public safety officers, and firefighters now will bump into each other,” Mayor Brown said.

Some operations between police and fire are intertwined, and the building at Greenhill and Main Streets, caters to that.

“One of the great new things about this new building is that we’re able to combine some common functions between police and fire,” McNamara said.

The new public safety building will have a space where citizens can report a crime. Once the public safety building is completely finished, there will be a bullet proof glass window and a prescription drug box right next to the desk and will be open 24/7.

Shea Mcnamara, a public safety lieutenant and firefighter, believes this building will serve the community better.

“I am a cross-trained police officer and firefighter. One of the great benefits of this program for me as a firefighter is when I’m in my downtime and done our training for the day and the evening comes around and resting time, I can still perform my police functions,” McNamara said.

The fire station on 18th and Main will continue its operations, but the police station will be in the building completely.

“For police officers, when they’re out on patrol and a fire happens, if they’re not pressing patrol activities that need to be done, they can assist us on the fire scene,” McNamara said.

Mayor Brown said the building is under budget from original plans and will not be a burden to citizens of Cedar Falls.


KWWL Reporter

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