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GOAT YOGA: Cedar Falls farm offering yoga classes with baby goats

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – Some kids in Cedar Falls are doing yoga in a barn, and they have some special guests joining them.


Seven baby goats to be exact.

They’re Nigerian Dwarf goats, which is a milking breed. The babies were born less than a month ago at Three Pines Farm in Cedar Falls.

The fifth-generation farm has been in Kara Grupp’s family since 1856. Her great-great-grandparents traveled by wood-covered wagon in search of fertile soil. Now, the farm is used for classes and events focused on hands-on arts.

About two years ago, Grupp said her family purchased three female goats and one male goat. They started offering goat yoga last Summer. It was an instant hit.

Grupp said it’s impossible to be unhappy around goats. They’re fun, playful and good for the soul.

“Having that extra element of interacting with the animals, being on a farm, especially a farm with this type of history, it’s just a special experience, and I’m really grateful that people come out to it to be a part of it,” Grupp explained.

Macie Graham is 10 years old. Her family is buying two baby goats from the farm. She wanted to adopt them so badly, she made a PowerPoint to persuade her parents. Her grandmother brought her to the yoga class.

“I’m going to be getting two of these goats, and I just thought spending more time with them would get me more attached to them,” Macie said with a big smile.

While the farm has been doing goat yoga for a year now, they’ve never had a class specifically geared toward children. On Wednesday, yoga Instructor, Donna Heller, taught the first one.

The baby goats climbed on the kids while they were going through traditional yoga poses, adding an exciting element to the class. While the goats were a little distracting, the kids could not stop smiling and laughing.

“Goats are just so joyful to be around no matter what the situation is,” Grupp said. “They are so in the moment, which is something that is very true to yoga philosophy is being mindful of the present.”

The goats are busy during the year. The farm offers ‘cuddle fests,’ where people can visit and snuggle with the animals. The Grupp family also brings them to nursing homes. Grupp said their temperaments are similar to dogs, but they often have personalities like cats. She said goat yoga is an unforgettable experience she hopes to share with everyone.

For more information about Three Pines Farm, visit:

Olivia Schmitt

Weekend Anchor

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