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VIRAL: KWWL talks to young man who “reported live” from Cedar Rapids train delay

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Video out of Cedar Rapids is going viral. It shows a young man hopping out of his car and pretending to be a local reporter.

That’s because cars were stuck for at least 30 to 45 minutes near the Eastern Iowa Airport, while a train was blocking the road.  While the footage is making people laugh, 19-year-old Jaxon Sirowy says moments captured in the video had him concerned.

“When people were going over the intersection, I mean there were cars going to the wrong side of the road, like I said, when I was driving up, there was a car coming straight at me,” Sirowy says.

He says he was worried about people trying to get to and from the airport. He says he spoke with a woman who was trying to get her son from the airport, and she ended up waiting for at least 30 minutes.

CRANDIC Railway Co. says there was a customer delayed delivery, which is what led to the train blocking the road. They also say it’s extremely rare for their trains to block tracks for more than 10 minutes and apologize for the inconvenience. KWWL spoke with several people in the area who say they’ve never had issues with train delays before.

This incident happened around 12:40 a.m. last Saturday. Since then, Sirowy’s video has been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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