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City addresses cemetery concerns

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The city of Cedar Falls is working to makes amends following an uproar over one of the city’s cemeteries.

Mark Ripplinger, director of Municipal Operations, took to the microphone at Monday evening’s council meeting to explain what happened in recent weeks at the Greenwood Cemetery.

“Although the ordinance had been in place since 1989, it had not been as strictly enforced and this change in enforcement was not communicated with the public,” he said. “In order to be more thorough, cemetery staff started enforcing an ordinance which requires all items, such as vases, flowers or shepherd’s hooks and anything that isn’t placed on or firmly attached to the headstone or footing, be removed and placed for pickup at the respective cemeteries.”

Ripplinger also addressed the concerns over small American flags being tossed into the trash. He said several members of the cemetery staff weren’t aware the small flags needed to be disposed of in a proper manner like larger flags.

“We have spoken to veterans and reached out to the AMVETS to work together with them to educate our staff on the appropriate method to dispose of the flags,” he said.

Amanda Huisman, communication specialist for Cedar Falls, said the city has claim sheets available that people can fill out to try and resolve any issue they have with the city.

“We want to make sure people are properly informed so if they do have any questions, always call us and we can try and help them out,” she said.

Ripplinger also noted that staff members have been working with people to pick up some of the items that were removed.

The city wants to have signs posted before July 4, another day which decorations are usually placed, that have the rules stated regarding memorials and decorations.

They are also planning to utilize social media and the city’s website to make people better aware when deadlines are approaching.

Collin Dorsey

Weekend Anchor

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