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TODAY: Contractor starts repairing wastewater leak into Cedar River, bike trail closed

WATERLOO, Iowa – Waterloo has discovered a wastewater leak from the Cattle Congress Sanitary Lift Station, near the intersection of the South Riverside Trail and W. Conger Street.

City staff have responded and contacted the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, environmental engineers AECOM, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

A press release says barricades are in place around the affected area. There are also warning signs posted. Child and pets should bet kept away until repairs are done.

A press release says “An estimated 12,000 gallons per day of wastewater is entering into the Cedar River.”

Mayor Quentin Hart says in a press release, “Repairing this leak is our top priority. We have already reassigned staff and began the engineering and planning process.”

He adds,” While the depth of the pipe and its location under the river levy is problematic and requires coordination with Army Corp, we are confident we will resolve this situation quickly.”

Right now, there are temporary repairs, and construction for permanent repair work is expected to begin once it is approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Those with questions about the leak should contact Randy Bennett, Public Works Division Manager by calling 319-291-4445 ext. 3656 or by email to


Waterloo says starting today (Monday, June 17) a contractor will begin to repair the sewer line that is dumping around 12,000 gallons of wastewater into the Cedar River each day.

In a press release, they say this work will close the South Riverside Trail that runs along the north side of the Electric Park Ballroom. The contractor will repair the 10-inch sanitary sewer force main, and the project is expected to be done by around mid-July.


Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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