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Five men sentenced to prison time in deadly Coggon shooting

COGGON, Iowa (KWWL) — Today, five men will be sentenced in federal district court in Cedar Rapids, following an incident in February, 2017.

The five men are convicted for drug, robbery and gun crimes tied to a fatal shooting in Coggon.

On Tuesday, a press conference will be held at the United States Attorney’s Office in Cedar Rapids, to announce the result of the sentencing hearings.

The press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday.

UPDATE: Five men who were involved in an attempted robbery of marijuana that left one man dead were each sentenced today to more than six years in federal prison.

21-year-old Chase Zerba, 22-year-old Cameron Klouda, age 22, and 24-year-old Tyler Clemens received prison time after each had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana and using, carrying, brandishing, and discharging a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

22-year-old Dillon Beener and 20-year-old Kordell Jones received prison time after each had previously pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and using, carrying, and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

On February 1, 2017, law enforcement officers responded to an address in Coggon after receiving a 911 call regarding a shooting.  When officers arrived, they found a man dead in the front yard. He had been shot at close range with a shotgun.

Here is what authorities say happened:

“Prior to the shooting, the victim of the shooting along with Beener, Jones, and another individual, left Cedar Rapids to travel to Coggon.  These four individuals intended to meet with Zerba and rob him of marijuana.  The four brought a .40 caliber Hi-Point pistol with them to use during the robbery.  When they arrived at Zerba’s residence, Clemens, Klouda, and Zerba were all seated in a minivan parked in the driveway.  Zerba, Clemens, and Klouda had brought approximately a half-pound of marijuana with them, as well as a loaded shotgun.

Beener approached the minivan and spoke with the three people in it.  Beener then returned to his car, and the victim, Beener, and Jones approached the minivan to meet with Zerba, Clemens, and Klouda.  The victim was in possession of the pistol and spoke briefly to the occupants of the minivan.  He then raised his pistol and demanded that Zerba give them the marijuana.  As the group attempted the robbery, one of the men inside the vehicle raised the shotgun and fired one round from the shotgun out the passenger side window into the victim’s head.

During a search of the scene, police located $60 in the victim’s pocket.  The .40 caliber Hi-Point pistol was located near his body.  The pistol was loaded, with a round in the chamber and the safety off.  In the minivan, police located marijuana in a backpack in the left rear seat “stow and go” compartment.  The marijuana was packaged in six separate containers and totaled 386.91 grams of marijuana.  Police also located multiple jars of marijuana wax in this same backpack.”

All five men were sentenced in Cedar Rapids today.  Zerba was sentenced to 91 months, Clemens was sentenced to 78 months, and Klouda was sentenced to 96 months.  Klouda was fined $1,000 and all three men were ordered to pay $5,611.56 in restitution.

Beener was sentenced to 80 months and Jones was sentenced to 82 months.  All five men must also serve a five-year term of supervised release after the prison term.



Ally Crutcher


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