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KWWL Holiday Vacations tour recap with highlights from London, Normandy and Paris

KWWL recently hosted its latest KWWL viewer trip, which took 43 Iowans to London, Normandy and Paris. You can find Ron Steele’s first of fours reports on the trip right here.

LONDON, United Kingdom (KWWL) – KWWL’s Ron Steele and a group of loyal viewers spent one more day in London before heading to France.

The tour stopped at Buckingham Palace before continuing on the the Churchill War Room and the Imperial War Museum.

The Imperial War Museum contains much more history than just war and attracts children from all over the UK learning history.

It does, of course, cover many wars including the two World Wars and Desert Storm.

“It’s hard to imagine all the suffering they went through. Trench warfare, the rats. Just unbelievable. Quite an impressive museum,” said Craig Schildroth of Reinbeck.

“We’ve seen so much history and it’s so much more than World War I and II,” said Marie Schildroth, “You just can’t imagine all the suffering people did and it’s really important for people to see this history and what all took place.

This was the last day in London. The group headed for Britain’s southern coast to board the Normandie, a ferry between the UK and France.

The adventure on the Normandie takes about five hours and is a little more than 100 miles.

Ron and the group now head to the D-Day beaches of Normandy.

Collin Dorsey

Weekend Anchor

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