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Field of Dreams to celebrate 30th anniversary

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) – For many, it seems like yesterday when a little piece of Iowa made its way to the big screen.

It has been 30 years since the Field of Dreams made its theater debut. However, the film has resonated with generations ever since.

It especially holds special place in many Eastern Iowans hearts. Roman Wineberg, General Manager of the Field of Dreams, said that it’s the closest thing to our paradise on Earth.

“When life goes too fast, you just take a couple of hours here in heaven and you slow down,” said Wineberg.

Now, the Field of Dreams is planning a major event for the anniversary. Wineberg said that this celebration is much bigger than movie itself, but it’s to pay tribute to its home state.

“But this is a day to take in Iowa and for Iowa pride,” said Wineberg. “To give back to the state that the movie was filmed in.”

Some of the festivities include local food vendors, live music, games and, of course, baseball. There will also be a softball played by the iconic Ghost Players and the Iowa Dream Team; which is comprised by local celebrity athletes.

And while thousands are expected to gather Wineberg is excited for the field’s future. There are currently plans to add multiple, state-of-the-art baseball fields on to their complex.

“That last couple of scenes there, about the last twenty minutes of the film, where Ray Leotta, Shoeless Joe, starts heading into the corn. And then Kevin Costner asks ‘Well, why am I not allowed to go into the corn?’ He wasn’t allowed to see what’s back there,” said Wineberg. “Well, our plan is to show people across the country what is behind that corn. And that’s All-Star Ballpark Heaven.”

But for many fans, the movie is much more than just baseball.

“It’s aboout resurrection, the human spirit and just redemption. And being able to write old wrongs and follow your dreams.”

The ballpark will also host their Team of Dreams event on Labor Day weekend.


Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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