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UPDATE: The City of West Union has filed for an extension to respond to a civil suit filed by former police officer

WEST UNION, Iowa (KWWL) – A former West Union police officer claims she was forced to resign in April after she filed sexual harassment and retaliation claims against the police chief, and has now filed a civil suit, according to lawsuit documents

Former West Union police officer Sierra Fox is suing the city of West Union, Police Chief Paul Becthold and City Administrator Nick Mcintyre. The suit claims they violated Iowa Civil Rights Laws for sexual harassment, and sex discrimination, along with retaliation after she filed a complaint and forcing her to resign. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday afternoon in Fayette County.

The lawsuit discusses multiple claims in detail against the defendants. Fox alleges Becthold made derogatory comments about her and told officers, “Sergeant Fox could not “”keep her legs shut.” The suit also Alleges Becthold endangered Fox’s life by not responding to emergency calls sent out by her and treating her differently than male officers and others.

Fox also alleges her complaints were not properly investigated by the City Administrator Nick Mcintyre. Fox alleges retaliation came when she was forced to resign along with the return of her K9 partner Xena after her filing complaints with the state.

The filing also discusses the environment in which her K9 partner Xena was kept. In her resignation letter, Fox alleges Xena was kept in inhuman conditions, Xena defacted and urinated on herself because she was never let out of her small plastic kennel unless Fox was working. Also in the letter, Xena had severe separation anxiety, she would chew on the plastic kennel until her mouth would constantly bleed. This process allegedly repeated everyday when she left and got to work.

No response from the plantiffs have been filed. Fox is requesting a trial by jury and will be represented by Timmer & Judkins P.L.L.C.

click here for the full lawsuit.



The City of West Union has filed for an extension to respond to a civil suit filed by former police officer, Sierra Fox. The City filed the motion to extend to respond to July 29, saying it needed more time to investigate Fox’s claims.

Court records show the move was not resisted by Fox.

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