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Coralville woman runs 166 miles in six days fighting MS

CORALVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) – One local woman is back in Iowa after running through three states in six days to fight multiple sclerosis.

“I was interested in it because it was kind of insane, kind of crazy,” runner Nikita Rohr said. “‘Roar’ -like the lion.”

Rohr was diagnosed with MS four years ago but refused to give up running.

“Usually, about a mile in is when I don’t feel my legs. But I’ve trained myself to learn to run on legs that I can’t feel,” Rohr said.

So, she interviewed with “America’s first and only 3,260 relay race,” hoping to raise money and awareness for her disease.  MS Run The US chose Rohr for the ninth segment of this year’s run. But with her disease, she couldn’t do it alone.

“At that point, I asked Allison and it was kind of up to her if I was going to be able to run it or not,” Rohr said.

Allison Nagy and Rohr have been friends since college, she’s been with her every step since her diagnosis.

“It’s kind of just changed how we run together,” Nagy said.

“Even though I was diagnosed with this, I can still run and she’ll support me with running even though it looks a lot different now,” Rohr said.

They started on June 5 in Wray, Colorado, and ended June 10 in Holdrege, Nebraska; 166 miles later.

“The line that she kept saying was, ‘marathons are boring,'” Nagy said. Aside from checking another race off her list (eight Chicago Marathons), Rohr runs to prove her doubters wrong.

“To prove my doctors wrong. They say that I should’ve been in a wheelchair by now but I’m not. I’m still walking,” Rohr said.

So, if another marathon isn’t next…

“I wanna go on ‘Survivor,’ so bad,” Rohr said.


Travis Breese

Reporter, Iowa City

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