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Dubuque Community Schools proposes plans with new funding money

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – With the extension of the one cent sales tax, the Dubuque Community School District is coming up with a few plans as to how they will use their extra funding money.

Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill that would extend the one cent sales tax towards funding public schools for the next several decades.

Now, the Dubuque Community School District has created three priority project ideas to expand their schools. Kevin Kelleher, Executive Director of Business and Finance Services of the Dubuque Community School District, said that most of the projects revolve around the opening of the Southwest Arterial.

“So the District is looking into the future saying that there was a lot of additional commercial industry as well as residential growth in the Northwest Arterial when that was finished,” said Kelleher. “So we’re hoping for and expecting some of the same things to happen on the Southwest Arterial.”

The first project would add a second phase into the renovating Dubuque Senior High School. Recently, the school added a brand new gym, cafeteria and administration building on to their campus. The former buildings were then converted into classrooms.

“First they did the additions to get the space,” said Kelleher. “And then once they’re done with that get we get the funding, then we’ll remodel the rest of the building.”

The second project would create a new elementary school closer to the Southwest Arterial. This is in anticipation of a population boom that is expected for that area.

There are currently two elementary schools where students living by the Southwest Arterial would be zoned to attend.

The final project being proposed is to remodel the classrooms in their middle schools. The current classrooms have not been remodeled for decades.

“Again, it is to modernize the building and bring it into the twenty-first-century,” said Kelleher.

The school district is expecting to receive $390 million dollars in funding. However, there are no plans as to which projects will be selected to move forward or when construction will begin.



Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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