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Dad talks to CNN after video goes viral of his conversation with son

It’s one of the most viral videos of the past week, picking up tens of millions of views. It’s of a dad sitting alongside his toddler son on the couch, at home watching T.V. And it appears, the two are having quite the normal conversation about the show they’re watching.

Dad, D.J. Pryor, spoke to CNN about why he decided to record the moment with his son, Kingston.

He says,”I was making them for a home movie type deal, so when he’s older you know – I do it for him and my older son – so when they’re older they can see it and look back on it and like ‘oh man, childhood memories.’ But, when I did it I figured maybe I’ll post it, and maybe I’ll get a couple likes from my family and my friends, and maybe some of their family and friends. But I had no idea it was going to do what it did. It wasn’t the intent at all.”

Pryor adds, “We were watching Empire. We were watching the grand finale of Empire, and I was debating how I felt about it. I was like ‘I don’t know how I feel about this, I was like man, what’s going to happen next?’ And as I was talking, he would like look down on the couch and he was like, ‘like yeah.’ I said ‘you feel me man?’ And he crawls up on the couch and that’s how it began.”

One of several hashtags for the video says the little guy needs his own show.

Again, CLICK HERE to see the adorable video.



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