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New Public Safety Building almost finished

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The new Public Safety Building in Cedar Falls will be complete in the next few weeks. The facility will house most of the city’s firefighters and all of its law enforcement officers.

“We want to make sure our public safety officers are working with both law enforcement and fire,” said Fire Chief John Bostwick.

He says the location of the new cedar falls public safety building will enhance their response.

“we’ve got Greenhill Road that will allow us to quickly respond to several parts of the community, we’re also really close to highway 58,” said Bostwick.

Chief Bostwick and Assistant Police Chief Craig Berte showed KWWL the facility they say will increase the efficiency of the department.

“We’re just really excited to have everybody under one roof,” said Berte.

The facility will have several things that the department didn’t have before including a join training room, better office space, and also things to keep first responders safe.

Bostwick pointed out a hose which will remove the exhaust from a fire truck.

Overall the entire project was set to cost ten point five million dollars.

“We’re able to pay for this building, in essence with cash, without a bond referendum without raising taxes of any time,” said Public Safety Director Jeff Olson.

Director OIson says the entire building is paid for through a capital improvements saving account from the city.

He says its a place they want to last.

“We built it with a few extra square feet, cause as the city grows we want to be able to grow in this building. We want this building to last another 50 years,” said Director Olson.

The public can tour the building during an open house from 4 – 7 PM on June 24th.

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