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Police: 2 men planned bank robbery, sexually assaulted minors

UPDATE: Sheriff Marty Fisher attribute the arrests detailed below to the training of his deputies. All 11 deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office have multiple specializations.

“In a rural area we have to be everything from your regular patrol officer up to an investigator,” said Sheriff Fisher.

More arrests and charges are possible.


OELWEIN, Iowa (KWWL) — Two men have been arrested after a month-long investigation in Fayette County.

Authorities tell us 21-year-old Anthony Nelson III and 22-year-old Gary McNamara allegedly sexually assaulted three minor females.

McNamara is also accused of supplying those girls with a controlled substance.

Nelson is facing one count of enticing a minor and two counts of indecent contact with a minor. McNamara is charged with distribution to a person under the age of 18 and gathering where a controlled substance is used.

During  a search of McNamara’s home, investigators say they found a detailed plan to rob the Maynard Savings Bank in Hazleton.

Maps, date and time along with names of others who may have been involved in the planning of this robbery were found.

This lead to a third charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation and more charges and people could be arrested at a later date.


Sara Belmont

Assistant News Director

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