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Family hoping to donate Owlets to every day care across Iowa

An Iowa family is working to bring an extra level of protection to day cares across the state.

Mark and Elisha Palmer went through the worst pain imaginable. They lost their baby, Knox, after he fell asleep at a day care and never woke up.

Since then, Knox’s memory lives on as his family is donating special baby monitors to day cares across the state. They’re called Owlet Smart Socks, and they monitor heart rates and oxygen levels while babies are sleeping.

Their goal is to get owlets in every day care across the state.

Palmer’s daughter, Gracie, came up with the idea. She says, “I just thought that Owlets belonged at  because that’s where Knox died, and if every baby and every day care has an Owlet on, then they have that much more of a chance then Knox did.”

Palmer saying, “If you’re at a day care, the worker-to-infant ratio is one to four and that just blows my mind.”

At Little Rebels Day care in Reinbeck, parents say they’re grateful to have this “extra set of eyes.”

All of these Owlets are donated, and so far there are Owlets at 30 different day cares in 19 different counties.

If you are interested in getting an Owlet through this program, you can email

There will also be a special gala fundraiser, called “A Night for Knox’s Baby Gala.”

That will be on July 13th, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will be dinner, cocktails, a silent and live auction, and live music at the Diamond Event Center.

Tickets are available at All the money raised from this event will go to the Green Glow Project.



Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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