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Dubuque Police warn people to protect their bikes

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – For many kids, summer means finally being able to take out their bikes that have been locked up in the garage all winter. However, some thieves may be out to steal their fun.

Joe Messerich, Public Information Officer for the Dubuque Police Department, said the the summer is when they receive the most reports of stolen bicycles.

“Now that it’s spring and turning into summer, more kids are going to be out, more bikes are going to be on the streets so the calls are going to pick up again,” said Messerich.

However, he said that there are a few simple steps people can do to help police find their missing wheels.

“Document your bike. Take pictures, record the serial number take pictures of any identifying marks,” said Merrserich. “That way if your bike is stolen or if your child’s bike is stolen then we can get it back to you that much quicker.”

He said that it can be difficult for police to reunite the bikes that they retrieve with their owners if they do not have any proper documentation or evidence that it’s theirs.

“What happens a lot of times is that we come across these bike abandoned in a yard or in a park or something like that, and we have pretty good idea they’re stolen,” said Messerich. “But if nobody’s reported it or if they don’t know their serial number, or if we don’t know what the bike looked like, then it makes it that much harder to get it back to the owner.”

Messerich said that it is required for all bike owners living in the City of Dubuque to register their bikes with the city. Registration can be completed online and only costs $5.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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