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“Eye of the Needle” organization looking to help flood victims

WATERLOO, Ia (KWWL) — One local organization is looking to help provide food for victims of this Spring’s flooding.

Founder of “Eye of the Needle,” Patricia King, says she started the non-profit following Hurricane Katrina to help flood victims there, but already this year she’s been helping some folks a lot closer to home.

She says every person has a different circumstances to deal with, some of which are the floods that we’ve seen this year across the state.

King says people can lose everything during a disaster so eye of the needle helps to provide them with non-perishable food but what also work attire and hygiene products such as toothpaste and soaps.

“People don’t realize there are people all over the world who come to Iowa and, I mean every year, I see them and I know but lot of people until they see them working and doing many things,” King said.

Many confuse the name of the organization for an eye doctor or a place fixing clothes.

“A lot of people don’t see the influx of people so they think ‘oh nobody needs anything’ but there is always someone that needs SOMETHING,” King said.

Eye of the Needle also helps to provide larger items such as furniture.

People can lose everything during a disaster. Eye of the Needle helps to provide them with non-perishable food also work attire.

King says the most recent family she helped, children sent to one of the migrant detention centers for more than a year.

When the family was reunited, they came back with no money or clothes which is where the Eye of the Needle stepped in with food, clothes, dishes among many other necessities.

Spring floods had King’s phone ringing off the hook.

“We had people that were asking who were asking for all different kind of things during the floods,” King said.


KWWL Reporter

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