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Recovery efforts underway for Chickasaw County

NEW HAMPTON, Ia (KWWL) — Recovery mode is in affect after flash flooding in the area Saturday night.

Chickasaw County Emergency Management there are a number of roads were washed out or damaged by mud and cornstalks.

Both the director of emergency management and the mayor say for them…the flash flood that happened last night was worse than the major flood back in 2008.

Floods from rain water ravages the town of New Hampton.

The area was under a flash flood watch and got about six inches of rain.

Director of emergency management agency in Chickasaw County Jeff Bernatz describes what happened and what these floods mean moving forward.

“I’ve never seen it that high,” Bernatz said. “I immediately went out and surveyed the flooding, advised the sheriff’s office to page out the rescue squad which is the division of emergency management we set up the sandbagging machine available for the citizens.”

Mayor Deb Larsen couldn’t believe her eyes.

“We were watching the rain and then the hail and the rain and the hail and we were waiting for it to stop so we can leave and then more rain and more hail and as the rain kept coming down we were looking out at our backyard and there was more fast moving water than we’ve ever seen,” Larsen said.

Bernatz says clean up kits are available at the Chickasaw county sheriff’s office and they include: brooms, mops, and disinfecting spray, you name it…

“We would like to say if there’s an another time and heaven forbid we don’t want another time, we ask the people to stay in their homes we had a lot of sight seers,” Bernatz said.

This is where people came out and tried to watch the damage yesterday…

Larsen says to count on the ones who volunteer at emergency management.

There are ten roads currently closed because of damage according to Bernatz. KWWL will continue to follow this story and get an update from the city engineer Monday.


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