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Nonprofit does room makeover for eastern Iowa aunt battling brain cancer

UPDATE: Today was a special reveal for an eastern Iowa woman who has battled so much. We shared Morgan Fairman’s story with you last month.

She’s been battling brain cancer not long after losing her 4-year-old niece, Evie. The non-profit, My Happy Haven, gave Fairman’s bedroom a makeover. Today was the big reveal! You’re looking at some pictures of the new room. 

Click here if you would like to donate money to help Fairman. My Happy Haven still needs money for the room renovation.


Click here for the GoFundMe Page to help this family.

It’s been almost a year-and-a-half since Evie Mae Mueller of Cedar Falls died on her 4th birthday.

She received a triple organ transplant, but sadly lost her battle with liver cancer. Now, Evie’s aunt says Evie’s strength is helping her with her battle.

Morgan Fairman says, “She passed away on her 4th birthday and, a little over a month later, I had a seizure in my bed at my parent’s house while I was sleeping.” Fairman was later diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 23.

She had a tumor in her frontal lobe, about the size of a golf ball. Fairman went through many radiation treatments and six rounds of chemo that were six weeks each.

But recently, some good news, scans showed that the part of the tumor doctors could not remove was not growing.

Fairman says, “So we will do scans every three months, and then every six months, and then hopefully once a year for a long, long time.”

The nonprofit, My Happy Haven, heard this family’s story. They transform bedrooms for cancer patients, providing new bedding, re-painting, and more.

“When you’re in there 20 hours a day, it’s your space that you have to sit and relax and be yourself,” Fairman says.

My Happy Haven will be surprising Fairman with a new, remodeled bedroom in just a few weeks! And of course, there will be pictures of Evie in it.

“I just wish she was here, so I could give her a hug and say thank you for showing me just how strong this can make you,” Fairman says.

My Happy Haven is looking for volunteers to help with this project. If you would like to help, PLEASE CLICK HERE for the Facebook page. You can message them on their Facebook Page.

Donations can be sent to: MY HAPPY HAVEN, PO Box 982, Mason City, IA 50402




Amanda Gilbert

Multimedia Journalist

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