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City of Dubuque in early planning stage of new park

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) — The city has plans to turn an old junk yard on 16th st. into a new, fun space for the community and visitors to enjoy.

Leisure Services is calling the new park the Blum Site Project. The park would include amenities like a basketball court, a playground, and even a block letter sign that spells Dubuque.

Leisure Services Manager, Marie Ware says even though the project is a lofty goal, if the community wants to make it happen she is confident they will.

“The one thing we do know is that Dubuque, if they have a good plan that people get behind and think can make it happen, we’ve seen that happen through the Port of Dubuque, Historic Milwork District and more and so if this is something the community embraces everything is in the art of possible.”

Leisure Services asked for public input back in 2017 and after receiving good feedback, they created the plans for the new site which they presented to city council on Monday.

Ware says they have many goals for this new space, but their number one is to bring the community in that area of town together.

“To be able to meet those standards of becoming an equitable community of choice. It’s a journey that we’re on and the opportunity to be able to look at a neighborhood and service area and be able to say ‘what are the needs of that neighborhood’ ‘how do we meet those needs’?”

Construction for the potential new site would cost about $11.7 million, but after grants and donations the city would only have to raise about $5 million.

City council still has to approve the plans, but if they do, the project would begin fiscal year 2024.


Cori Hanna

Today in Iowa reporter

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