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City of Dubuque will replace plants along Grandview Avenue

(DUBUQUE, Iowa) – Grandview Avenue has always been one of the most picturesque roads in Dubuque. But now, city officials say that they are going to make some changes to the gardening along the road.

If you take a drive along Grandview Avenue, you a greeted by gorgeous trees, luscious bushes, and bountiful flower beds. However, the problem is that the plants are the only things you can see on the roadway.

Overgrown bushes and flower beds have caused visibility problems for drivers taking the road. And it has become dangerous for pedestrians and drivers looking to cross the street.

Steve Fehsal, Dubuque Park Division Manger, said this was especially problematic for drivers looking to cross intersections.

“Some of the grasses that were planted in the planters can eventually get three or four feet tall,” said Fehsal. “And they were creating kind of a wall where you couldn’t see coming out of the intersection or turning into the intersection.”

The City of Dubuque will be replacing 18 flower beds along the road that they believe are causing the visibility issues. The problematic flower beds only represent half of the number of plants that are currently there.

The city plans to begin planting the flowers by Memorial Day.

This is part of a routine maintenance the Dubuque Parks Division budgets for annually. This task comes out of the $380,000 set aside for greenhouse and lawn care. The overall Parks budget is $3.6 million.

Ashley Scott

Reporter, Dubuque

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