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City of Dubuque offers bike riders free bus rides this week

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – As part of the City of Dubuque’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly, the city is supporting Bike to Work week with free transportation through The Jule this week.

Those choosing to bike to work May 13-19 can get a little help with their commute from The Jule.

Russell Stecklein, Field Supervisor for Transportation Services, says some of the steep streets in Dubuque may discourage people from riding their bike to work, so these free bus rides will help.

“It’s important in Dubuque with all of our hills it’s a nice way to be able to make it up Loras Boulevard or University Avenue to get to the top and then get off at one of our bus stops and ride again.”

Stecklein says The Jule and the city want to encourage people to ditch their cars and find an active way to get to work this week.

Those biking to work can rack their bike on the front of the buses and then ride the rest of the way to work.

People choosing to bike to work can register how many days they plan to do so on the City of Dubuque’s website here. There is even a chance to win some prizes.

The city will even create a personalized bike route for your commute.

Cori Hanna

Today in Iowa reporter

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