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Cedar Rapids launching bike share program Monday

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL)—One Eastern Iowa city is launching its new bike share program Monday, May 13th. The official opening will be held at Green Square park in downtown Cedar Rapids.

It’s going to add another fun amenity downtown and allow you to take a trip with your friends on a lunch hour for example if you wanna leave your car parked and your in the MedQuarter and you wanna go down to Czech and Newbo it will give you that option.”

“And those stations really amount to a bike rack that’s brand new to Cedar Rapids bike share” said Bill Michael Assistant Director of Community Development and Planning.

” Then in mid-June we will launch the full 15o bike system with Cedar Rapids branded bikes and then a total of ninety stations, and those will be spread about downtown, the MedQuarter, Co College, Czech Village Newbo Kingston Village and so you can use this system throughout those districts. ”

” The bike culture has really taken off in Cedar Rapids in the last five years or so, you know you see a lot of people riding bikes Thursday, Friday Saturday. ”

” It provides another transportation option a good example is your riding CR transit and you stop at the grand transportation center and you final destination is a half mile away from the ground transportation center you can hop on a bike and shorten that trip.”

” It’s a dollar to unlock the bike and 15 cents per minute a good example is arrive from the convention center to Czech Village Newbo is approximately two dollars.”

DJ Stewart

News Content Producer

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