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Iowa Ladies’ Football Academy is June 8th

IOWA CITY, Iowa(KWWL)–“We have a wall in the facility–we are Big Time….”
The concept of Ladies Football Academy is not new…and can be seen throughout the country. And this will be the ninth year for the Iowa Ladies’ Football Academy.

Mary Ferentz says the main goal of the event is to raise money for the Stead Family Children’s Hospital—while also making it a fun and educational opportunity for women of all ages. And she says the $500 donation has not been a barrier to participation..

Mary Ferentz
“So Fundraising has become a big part–most of our participants do fundraise that is why we raise so much money when we start fund raising for Children’s hospital the sky’s the limit.”

The Ladies Football Academy AND the Stead Family Children’s Hospital is not only a passion—but became a purpose for Mary Ferentz ten years ago.

Mary and Kirk have five children with three being former Hawkeye Football players…

Mary Ferentz says there is a powerful attraction to this event…

“Well i think there is the love of Hawkeye Football but I think equally and even more powerful is just the love of Children there is just something about wanting to help a child in need and that is what we are doing making a difference and helping children…”

Mary Ferentz “Not everyone who come to Ladies Football Academy is coming because of an interest in Football they are coming because of wanting to do something for Children’s Hospital–you hear a lot of stories.”

Rick Coleman

Sports Director

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