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Panther Pantry tackles food insecurity

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) — A new report says nearly half of students across the country fall short of having access to enough food for a healthy way of life.

Back in February, we reported on the grand opening of UNI’s Panther Pantry, but what will students do over the summer break. i spoke to panther pantry’s adviser as to what they have planned.

As college students are preparing to walk on stage to receive their diplomas, but, many of students are also hungry.

Macy Helle, a sophomore at UNI, knows all too well the feeling students have.

“I was kind of like shocked with how many people used it right away because we have other pantries around the area that hasn’t been utilized as much it made me really shocked how and made me really happy like having the resource and that students know it’s here and that they can use it,” Helle said.

Helle sees what students endure on a daily basis.

“I know some people that like their option is to go to sleep instead of eating ’cause they figure they’re not going to know their hungry and stuff, I’ve had people people come in and thank us for being so open and stuff and you get gratitude which is nice to see,” Helle said.

Ashley Adams, the adviser for Panther Pantry, has much in store for the Summer.

“We’re also doing something new it’s called dine and donate and it’s something that is starting actually next Monday,” Adams said.

The Pantry partners with a local restaurant, and for one day, people come in eat and can donate to the panther pantry.

“It’s really nice to be able to have them not worry about like where their next meal is coming that they can come in here and there is something for them,” Helle said.

Next Monday, the pantry will be partnering with Pancheros here in cedar falls from 5 to 8 with all of the extra chips and guacamole extra meat and cheese going to the pantry.

During the summer, Adams hopes to also partner with Coldstone and any pizza place because college students love pizza.


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