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Mother Nature’s Wrath still being felt on country roads

WAVERLY, Iowa—Landon “Just on these soft spots, we’ve put 8500 tons down and in some ways it feels like we haven’t made a dent.”

Bremer county engineer Landon Moore says this fresh rock is about all they can do to help secondary roads like 240th street in Waverly.

“You’ve got all this frozen water in the road grade, when the spring comes the only place that water has to go is up through the center of the road.”

Fellow engineer Todd Fonkert says these peaks — resulting from the frost boils he described — are the worst he’s seen in 33 years with the office.

Landon Moore “We need sun and wind to help dry it out so we can get to those spots.”

Moore and Fonkert say they want to fix the issue — but the roads can’t bear the weight.

“We get the call in a lot, you know ‘I got my car stuck’ or ‘I bottomed out my truck’ that car or truck probably weighs 3 or 4 thousand pounds, our graders weigh ten times that.”

Until the weather cooperates – they’re asking people to be patient and careful.


DJ Stewart

News Content Producer

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