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Rainy weather leaves Sac and Fox trail closed after flood damage

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) — From fall flooding to spring showers, water has left major sections of the Sac and Fox trail damaged, forcing the city to leave it closed for weeks.

The 7.1-mile trail, which has sections winding along the Cedar River and Indian Creek, was damaged by flood waters. It’s an aggregate trail, meaning there is no hard surface, and river banks that have been washing away are taking parts of the trail with it.

The Cedar Rapids Parks Department has had crews surveying the damage. They estimate repairs will cost around $12,000 said Parks Superintendent, Brent Neighbor.

It’s been a rough 6 months for the trail, that was never able to dry out after getting flooded in the fall.

“The winter set in and then we had a hard freeze and so we had a lot of frost in the ground, so that’s has delayed our ability to repair it this spring. Then compounded on the frost coming out and then we had the flood event that damaged portions of the trail again, so then we had to close it,” said Superintendent, Neighbor.

The city is asking people to stay off the travel for safety reasons as some areas may be impassable.

“There could be sections that are usable but we are protecting people’s safety because if you get out there in an area there could be conditions that you come upon unexpectedly that you just need to turn around and go back,” said Neighbor.

If the weather cleared up and remained sunny, Neighbor estimated that the work would take about a month. However, with rain predicted for much of the foreseeable future that timeline will likely be much longer.

The parks department has partnered with the city streets department to save money on trucking materials to the trails.

Updates on the status of parks in Linn County can be found on its Trails website.

Ashley Neighbor

Reporter, Cedar Rapids

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