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May Temp/Precip Outlook

Here is a look at the rain totals as of 5 PM April 30:

April Rain totals (departure from normal):
Waterloo: 2.96″ (-0.75″)
Dubuque: 4.14″ (+0.48″)
Cedar Rapids: 3.83″ (+0.78″)
Iowa City: 4.43″ (+0.93″)

The April rain totals are not too far from normal…give or take 1″ for each location.

Here are the totals going back to January 1. This is water from snow melted and rain combined (departure from normal).

Waterloo: 8.98″ (+1.39″)
Dubuque: 11.95″ (+3.27″)
Cedar Rapids: 8.18″ (+0.89″)
Iowa City: 10.64″ (+2.76″)

These numbers are more than 1″ above or below. Some are already 3″+ (Dubuque).

The map below shows the rain forecast through Tuesday evening (May 9th). The heaviest of the rain is forecast to be to our southeast. Rain amounts for eastern Iowa could be near 1.50″

Now the longer range outlook that will take us through May from the Climate Prediction Center. Precipitation is expected to be above normal. As for the temperatures, we sit right between cooler than normal to the northwest and above normal to our southeast.


Mark Schnackenberg

Chief Meteorologist

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