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A father creates a team of swimmers to help his daughter

(NBC)–One Canadian father took on the challenge to raise money for his daughter’s synchronized swimming team by creating a team of his own.

Christian Gosselin recruited other dads from his daughter’s swimming team. Then, came the birth of his  synchronized swimming team, Synchro Team. The fathers are not only raising money for the club, but they’re also hoping to bring attention to the sport.

It’s no easy task though, Gosselin may have underestimated his expectations of the sport. Once he entered the pool the difficulty of synchronized swimming might have surprised him.

“You have that kind of perception of how hard it could be, but then when you actually get in the water and start trying to put the nose clips on, getting upside down… it’s very difficult,” says Gosselin on his experience of synchronized swimming.

However, through it all Gosselin says the unique activity has been fun and has created a special bond.

NBC News

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