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High school students learn about dangers of prom night with mock car accident

DENVER, Iowa (KWWL) – It’s that time of year again. Many high school students are getting ready for prom.

It’s supposed to be a fun night. But Denver Fire Department is also going to extreme measures to teach kids about the dangers.


Every three years, the fire department demonstrates a mock fatal car accident to the Denver High School student body. They hope kids understand what can happen after one bad decision.

After months of planning, officials carefully crafted a scenario for the students in the high school parking lot. Some students volunteered as victims.

There were two cars in a head-on crash. One student wasn’t wearing a seat belt, another was ejected from the car, the driver was drunk and a passenger was critically injured.

Denver Fire, Police and EMS were on scene. Officials also invited a medical examiner, someone from the local funeral home and AirCare helicopter services.

While the accident wasn’t real, officials hope it got their point across.

“Operating a vehicle is probably one of the most dangerous things that we do every day as humans,” James Knoll with Denver Fire said. “What happens with prom – it’s the culmination of all kinds of distractions.”


Officials stressed two messages: driving distracted or driving intoxicated can have serious consequences.

“Just try to have fun with the night without going across a line that could change your life,” Knoll said. “Don’t do something that you may end up regretting the rest of your life.”

Back in the late ’80s, Denver officials told KWWL a girl died in a car accident on prom night. Others were seriously injured. They hope their demonstration will prevent another tragedy from happening.

Knoll said many high schools host post-prom events, including Denver. It’s another way for schools to keep their students safe after the dance.

But officials remind parents to talk with your children before prom.

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