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Cresco and Paris share a bond

CRESCO, Iowa (KWWL) – Here in Eastern Iowa, a church shares the same name with Notre Dame.

Over four thousand miles apart yet Cresco and Paris share one thing in common: A church.

The Notre Dame parish in Cresco shares the same name with the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Father Dennis Cain believes this is especially noteworthy and confident by how much mobilization the fire caused.

“People had already rallied and they’re going to rebuild it, i’m sure it will cost many many euros,” Father Cain said.

Father Cain says the fire at the cathedral in Paris is a sign, bringing everyone closer.

To some parishioners, sharing the name with the cathedral is meaningful.

“We are very proud of that and we do look at the connection from Notre Dame in France of course,”  Jerry O’Donnell said.

Father Cain points out another similarity that the two have.

“Stained glass windows were invented because people were illiterate and it was a way to teach faith,” Father Cain said.

Teaching means a lot, especially when the parish roots are in a school.

“The sisters of Notre Dame were here and staffed our school and did an excellent job,” O’Donnell said.

Honor and prayers for the cathedral filled the parish on this holy day.

For many years, two catholic churches existed in the area, Assumption and Saint Joseph.

The two later merged into the single parish that is Notre Dame.


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