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Golf course sees surge in activity

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – If you’ve had the chance to go outside Saturday, you’ll know that it’s warming up outside and after a long winter many folks in the Cedar Valley are appreciating every bit of it.

Pheasant Ridge Golf Course was filled.

Ben Bermal, the owner’s son, regularly visits the golf course.

“There are so many people out here, it’s packed. It’s been packed since nine o’clock this morning, we’ve had tee times all…all day,” Bermal said.

Tiger Woods won the masters last weekend and this is the first weekend after the win.

“I just saw two kids come off nine green not that long ago, I think they were watching Tiger last weekend really just gets them in the golf groove and even like some adults are just practicing,” Bermal said.

From harsh weather to many days below zero, this past winter hit the course hard according to Dale Hall, the golf shop employee.

“The snow was melting and the winds was helping to dry out the driveways and then they started blowing out the fairways and everything and then pretty soon we get a little sun and the groundskeepers here have done a hell of a job,” Hall said.

Shop owner John Bermal tells me the course is usually windy but with the warm temperatures and sun shining today, many folks are out hitting the golf tee.

For Bermal, he is a big fan of Tiger and credits him for the flood of people.

“It’s awesome to see him win again and so they want to come out and practice,” Bermal said.

Even if you’ve never played golf, with the weather, you may want to start.


KWWL Reporter

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