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Waterloo parks may see new homes

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) — You might be seeing more homes pop up right beside yours, if you live in Waterloo. Developers are looking to build some homes on some parks.

Castle Hill Park is one of the parks being considered for development of new homes.

“I do think parks need to stay,” Crystal Olson said.

Olson, who lives right in that area, says, if some parks will be developed, it should be for the better, which is not some types of housing in her opinion.

“I am opposed to low-income housing. If the area has better property values than that because that effects everybody, and that’s what makes people want to move,” Olson said.

Luke Wolff who also lives nearby Castle Hill Park has two kids who love the park, but he also considers others that do not care too much about it.

“If someone moves in with a family, they’re going to look a lot more into a place that has a park nearby, whereas an older couple, they’re not going to really have much regard. In fact, it might be a nuisance to them..I come from kind of a smaller world, so seeing so many houses constantly coming up…ugh,” Wolff said.

Leisure Services Director Paul Huting wants folks to know there is a plan in place.

“Council does have a strategic plan that has in that, one of the goals and just to kind of paraphrase, it is to maximize the taxable value of our property and look for areas that are not being used to their optimum, or not being used at their optimum level,” Huting said.

Huting points out that city parks aren’t going anywhere.

“The areas that have been pointed out to me do not include taking any facilities out. they’re basically portions or park or other public properties not all are parks, that are not developed,” Huting said.

The Waterloo City Council has just been informed that there has been interest expressed in some of these parks and discussions will be held on the sections of the parks with an ultimate recommendation next Monday.


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