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A new tool created to prevent school violence

(NBC)–Saturday will mark 20 years since the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.  Some schools are turning to technology to prevent acts of student violence.

In recent years, it seems that school shootings have become more prevalent, as America has seen more school tragedies repeat themselves time and time again.

However, artificial intelligence is offering hope. Bark is just one of many companies that uses machine learning to analyze student activity on school-issued devices.  Bark tracks and sends alerts to parents and school officials if they notice a suspicious activity on a student’s device.

“To date, our artificial intelligence has escalated 16 credible school shooting threats to the FBI,” says Bark representative, Titania Jordan.

Jordan goes onto explain that any sign that shows something is off with your child is a sign that more action should be taken to engage with your child and find a healthy solution to the problem. There is a strong hope that early intervention will curb acts of violence before they happen.

NBC News

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