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A group of 5th grade students at Cleveland Elementary school donated hand-tied blankets for Waypoint Service Center


“We came to Cleveland Elementary today to pick up some donations they were very gracious and made some tied blankets specifically for our Madge Phillips center shelter which is part of our homeless and housing services at way point.”

“These blanket’s are a really great help when stuff tends to leave the shelter when our clients leave, so they have a little bit of comfort with them so bedding and things like that are a huge need for our clients. ”

“So it’s always so great to get them involved and giving back to the community at such a young age, they had amazing questions to ask us about our programs and it’s just really great to see that generation is really forward focused and working to make the community a better place.”

Cleveland Elementary Student Times : 0:38- 0:48
” The mom’s and the Dad’s and the babies and the children can go down there and they provide food for them and clothes and pillows so they can have something to eat.”

Brittany Appleton-
“They put together the blankets for our Madge Phillips shelter they took the time to buy the products and make them for us”

“I think that now is the time to get the kids involved in things like this and make sure they know the importance of giving back and the different ways to give back.”

DJ Stewart

News Content Producer

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