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CBD vending machine opens in Cedar Falls

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KWWL) – The first of its kind, the company PharmaXtracts has opened a CBD vending machine in Cedar Falls, thanks in part to a local girl.

Evie Mueller was 4 when she died from liver cancer and now her photo, representing her foundation called Evie Everlasting, is posted on the machine. Funds from the foundation, started by Evie’s mother Taylor, help support the vending machine.

“We used it with her,” said Corey Coleman, the man who brought the machine to the Cedar Valley, also cared for Evie, being her mother’s boyfriend.

“We were able to help her blood pressure, get her off a bunch of different medications, and to help with the seizure activity,” said Coleman.

You have to be 18 or older to buy from the machine, proving your age by scanning your driver’s license. The machine also has a camera to help the company track the different demographics who purchase their products.

The variety of products range in price from as low as $22 to as much as $275, all of them removed of THC, the chemical that gets you high.

“I think the real concern is THC, I don’t think the big concern is CBD,” said Coleman.

This means that anyone using these products should pass any sort of drug test.

Iowa code defines all parts of a cannabis plant as marijuana, then it goes on a few sentences later to exclude anything made from mature stalks of the plant or oils made from the seeds.

Coleman, however, says his vending machine is totally legal.

The grand opening will be Friday, April 19th, and will offer a 20% discount to all its customers for this first weekend.

The machine is located on College Street in Cedar Falls next to Insomnia Cookies.

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Taylor Vessel

Multimedia Reporter

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