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Lawsuit accuses Uber of negligence in attacks against passengers

(CNN)–The suit against Uber was brought on by three unnamed women in California on Friday. It says that 9 people were sexually assaulted by ‘fake Uber drivers’ between September 2016 and February 2018 in Los Angeles.

In the complaint, they argue that police alerted Uber several times about fake drivers targeting intoxicated women leaving nightclubs, but Uber failed to adequately warn passengers.

The suit claims that Uber’s readily available ‘print at home’ labels with the Uber logo make it easy for fake drivers to deceive customers.

More than a week ago, University of South Carolina student, Samantha Josephson, was kidnapped and killed after getting into a vehicle she thought was the Uber she ordered.

Police are reminding passengers using services like Uber and Lyft to double check the license plate, name and profile picture of the driver before getting into any vehicle.

DJ Stewart

News Content Producer

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